7: The Baroque era, part 1 (poetry, drama and secularism, 1600-1650)

The term baroque describes an era in which art, architecture and music adopted a grand, ornate style during the years 1600 to 1750. It is best understood by its architecture, which adorned the balanced simplicity of renaissance design with exquisite detail. The opulent Hall of Mirrors (17thC) at the Palace of Versailles and Bernini’s Ecstasy […]

6: The Renaissance, part 3 (Palestrina and Allegri, 1550-1640)

*** If you would prefer a brief overview of the renaissance, it can be found here. *** Last post I discussed the attempts of renaissance composers to grapple with the central challenge of composition: balancing the dictates of melody (hence time) with the need to combine voices harmoniously. You may recall the development of imitation: […]